Envol x Zippo

Envol Studio partnered with Global Street Art for the House of Zippo and was invited to create an installation using Envol’s Art Deco inspired and constructive/formative style.

The idea was to fuse the murals Envol paints on the streets with the type of spatial design and execution that creates immersive experience. Something that challenged the constraints of more traditional exhibitions, allowing guests to discover the techniques and nuances on a scale that isn’t always possible with framed works.

Design Development

The structure was split into 2 sections, with one part showcasing a 2.5 metre high anamorphic installation intended as a a photo-op for guests. The other section was a gallery type experience, with a one-off piece painted directly onto the core of the structure. The installation was finished with a single print, exhibited as a free give-away. “Painting directly on-to the structure was an important part of the work, as it gave a nod to the vulnerability and semi-permanence of artwork painted on the streets”.

The mural represents the launch of Zippo back in 1932, a time that fits perfectly with Envol’s style. A Zippo lighter was deconstructed and some of its components were interpreted onto the walls, floors and ceilings of the semi-permanent structure. Envol then spray painted a photorealistic hand, creating an interaction between the elements. 
”Throughout the process I always had in mind train travel posters from the 1920s and 30s. I wanted to capture a sense of adventure and discovery within the work, which gels well with the Zippo brand.”

The exhibition lasted 5 days, alongside a number of renowned street artists including D-face, Tizer and Nerone for London Mural Festival.