Streets Kitchen

Using design as a force for good is an important facet for Envol Studio's practice. Working with non-for-profits and helping give them the best chance of success means that every year, we work with an organisation in need of creative support, completely free of charge.

Streets Kitchen is a grass routes organisation made up of volunteers who support homeless people on the streets of London. Valuing solidarity over charity, Streets Kitchens' mission is to unite those who need help with those that want to help. Volunteers can give a shift by helping to run over 11 kitchens across 8 London boroughs, multiple times a week, each set up on the streets of London. Every story told is written as heard. No edits, no copy writing just the plain and harsh truth.

Brand Development

Envol Studio are not only active volunteers, but we’ve used our expertise to help position and communicate the important work that Streets Kitchen do. We developed a compelling positioning and visual identity that nods towards activism and empathy. The work also seeks to convey the stark reality of how, in the 21st century, a leading city like London fall’s way behind in providing the type of support and funding required to help those who find themselves most vulnerable.