Ren Skincare

Waste is a defining issue of our age and for brands, it’s an inescapable truth that consumers are taking note of. For Ren Skincare, a commitment to zero waste has been at the forefront of the brand’s mind since its conception. With a bold pledge to become zero waste by 2025, Envol Studio were asked to reimagine a more sustainable retail experience.

The Idea

Our idea was to create a local community for the brand. By working with designers, artists and craftspeople who reuse, repurpose and recycle within their work, we set out to build a circular economy based around each store’s unique location.


Our inspiration for Ren’s flagship experience came from their love of the ocean. We were influenced by British coastline in the winter and the types of industry that serve it. From using repurposed groynes and beach shelter glass to create counters, to reusing fixtures from warehouse fittings, we wanted to ensure that people can experience their best loved brands whilst demonstrating a commitment towards shaping the future of consumption and local, creative communities.

By working with what we have and defining some clear principles, we unlocked a distinct look and feel for Ren Skincare. One that was driven by purpose and stories, not just aesthetic.


Ren Skincare